Vaccine Update 3/1/21

The authorization of a third vaccine is a significant milestone in efforts to protect our community from COVID-19. While awaiting details on how the new vaccine will be distributed and what it will mean for local availability, the health department continues to put the two currently authorized vaccines to use and is working through the pre-registration list of county residents 75 and older. As vaccination of this group nears completion this month and doses of vaccine are available, we will add residents 65-74 to our priority populations.

In recent weeks, local supply has been low, but we continue to make progress. If you pre-registered on the county's website and have a confirmation email/ticket number, your name has not been taken off the health department's list. While waiting, please look online at mass vaccination sites and pharmacies for additional ways to get vaccinated if you are in Phase 1A, 1B or 1C and have not yet been vaccinated. If you have not already enrolled for the COVID-19 Vaccine, or for more information, please visit:

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