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Covid Booster Vaccination Recommended for All Adults

The FDA and CDC, along with major medical groups across the U.S., have approved and recommended Covid vaccine boosters for all adults. Everyone who had their last vaccination 6 or more months ago is eligible for a booster. Vaccines for those interested are available through the Calvert County Health Department (, local medical offices, and pharmacies.

The primary personal benefit of boosters in adults under age 50 who do not have significant underlying health problems is to decrease the potential for long-Covid. Even with a mild Covid illness, people at all ages are susceptible to months of lingering fatigue, headaches, body aches, and other chronic health problems. One should also consider that although serious illness from Covid in healthy people under age 50 is not common, there have been thousands of Covid hospitalizations across the U.S. for people who would not typically be considered at high-risk.

From a public health standpoint, the major benefit of booster administration for all adults is a lower prevalence in community transmission rates. If less virus is circulating in households and workplaces, fewer people across Calvert will develop life-threatening illnesses. In other words, when you protect yourself, you protect others. This will become even more important as we enter flu season. During many winters, hospitals reach their maximum capacity to care for patients and are forced to transfer very sick individuals to distant hospitals. Every case of Covid that can be prevented takes the strain off of the nurses and doctors at our local hospital. This better ensures that you and your loved ones are able to receive the immediate care they need for heart attacks, strokes, car crashes, appendicitis, and cancer.

For those who decide to receive a Covid booster or begin their first Covid vaccination, please keep in mind that it is safe to have a flu shot administered at the same time. The Calvert County Health Department staff wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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