For those seeking Covid-19 testing, starting Monday January 10th, the Calvert County Health Department will
offer testing at the Fox Run Shopping Center. Appointments for Covid testing are required. No walk-in testing can be accommodated. All tests are PCR, which are more reliable than rapid antigen tests. PCR tests are sent to a licensed medical laboratory. Registration for testing is available at CIAN Diagnostics Patient Portal

All individuals with high-risk underlying health conditions should contact their personal healthcare provider before self-scheduling an appointment for testing. These individuals may be able to get a test and start with treatment  recommendations more quickly through their doctor’s office. Early medical attention for higher-risk individuals can be lifesaving. 

For anyone who would like to be tested for COVID-19 due to recent onset of possible viral symptoms, travel, or possible exposure to someone with COVID, we encourage you to contact your primary care provider, particularly those with underlying health conditions. For those without a doctor or nurse practitioner, you may wish to establish with a new primary care provider.

In order to schedule an appointment, each person being tested must first create an account through the
CIAN patient portal listed below. Parents can create accounts for their children. Once an
individual has an account, it is easy to schedule an appointment for testing through the same registration
portal. The portal also gives options for testing sites outside of Calvert County. Please choose the site
that is best for you. 

  • Appointments required: visit CIAN Diagnostics Patient Portal to create/access your patient portal account and to make an appointment

    • Please note: Community members experiencing issues with the portal may the CIAN call customer support line at: 844-800-2426

    • If you are feeling sick or think you may have COVID-19, it is recommended that you stay home except to get medical care and follow these steps.

  • No doctor’s order or insurance needed

  • Free of charge (no out-of-pocket cost, co-payment, co-insurance, etc.)

  • Masks/face coverings required

  • Results available in 24-48 hours in your CIAN Diagnostics Patient Portal

Test results are typically available in 1-2 days, but due to testing volume, results may occasionally take longer. Again, people with high-risk medical conditions should consult with their doctor or nurse practitioner before scheduling an appointment at the test site. Please note: Community members experiencing issues with the registration/test result portal may call the CIAN Laboratory customer support line at: 844-800-2426. The registration and results portal is not managed by the Health Department or the Calvert County Government. Technical issues can only be resolved through the Laboratory support line: 884-800-2426.


Who should get tested?

  • Anyone showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, within 24 hours

  • If you are not showing symptoms (asymptomatic) but may have been exposed to COVID-19 (examples below) testing is recommended 4-6 days after exposure, even if you are fully vaccinated:

    • People who have had close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19


Where else can I find a test?

You can also schedule online for Patriot Urgent Care. 

Please go online to Patriot Urgent Care to schedule an appointment. 

Or online to First Call Urgent Care in Dunkirk at


For other testing options including sites that do not require a physician’s order follow the link: 

Maryland State Testing Search Site

Accessing Results Online

Results for patients tested for COVID-19 by CCHD are available online:


Please contact CIAN at 844-800-2426 if you require assistance accessing your test results. Calvert County Health Department cannot access results. 

Results for patients tested for COVID-19 by CCHD are available online:

Care Recommendations

Community members should follow the recommendations that are provided to them by the clinical care staff where they get tested. Click here for information on quarantine and isolation.

Positive Test Results

All individuals who test positive will receive a phone call with their results when they are available. When one of our residents tests positive for COVID-19, the Calvert County Health Department reaches out to them directly to start the public health investigation (contact tracing) process.

State of Maryland Testing Sites

For additional information on testing sites available throughout Maryland, please visit: